SHI[R]T Do you wear a SHIT-SHIRT? SHI[R]T is an innovative platform that focusses on transparency, honesty and locally produced garments, founded by Eva Wagensveld and Jeffrey Heiligers. The online platform offers a collection of progressive, young designers that get a chance to put their garments on the market and sell them. Inspired by the Fashion … Lees verder

TAILOR-MADE We offer a perfect fit for each individual customer with just a few required measurements. Using our digital sizing system makes it possible to adjust our garments to every body type. The garments are available in XS, S, M, L, XL or Made-to-Measure This collection is made out of 100% cotton and is locally … Lees verder

POSTURE Sitting behind your desk, processing lots of work, when you suddenly realise you’ve been hunched over your computer for hours. We wanted to change the negative image of an ageing population, from people who are slowly making their way through life with a zimmer frame to independent, active and healthy people. Studio Jeffrey Heiligers … Lees verder

MOMENTUM Nowadays we want simple objects and products that deliver us the direct satisfaction and service we need. For aesthetic reasons most of the inner workings of technology are hidden behind a shell or an interface, while there can be so much pleasure in seeing the working of a machine or device. The Cuckoo clock … Lees verder

PENDULUM Pendulum is the little sister of the bigger installation Momentum that can generate energy to charge small electrical devices.  This version is about imagination and making potential energy visible by giving it a simple push. Lees verder