Sitting behind your desk, processing lots of work, when you suddenly realise you’ve been hunched over your computer for hours.

We wanted to change the negative image of an ageing population, from people who are slowly making their way through life with a zimmer frame to independent, active and healthy people.

Studio Jeffrey Heiligers has created an alternative solution to combat desk Posture, with a shirt that’s tailored to remind you of your slouch.

During the design fase of Posture it became apparent that there is a negative stigma associated with wearing current devices to stimulate posture – they appear to be uncomfortable, awkward and inconvenient to wear. People do not want to feel as though they are wearing an “intimidating” medical device, they want to feel normal.

Although this shirt may look like one of your average tops, these pieces are constructed in such a way that the fabric across the back tightens slightly whenever the shoulders begin to slump — so that the users are trained to position their bodies differently.

How does Posture work?BomberGrey CoatJumperShirtT-shirtPosture, My Interpetation, CoatPosture, My Interpetation, dressPosture, My Interpetation, jumperPosture, My Interpetation, jumpsuitPosture, My Interpetation, shirt

Special thanks to
Tanya Verhoeven, physiotherapist.
Models: Orfeas Lyras, Fraser McPhee, Valeriane Lazard
Photography: Daantje Bons
Movie + Branding: Lieke+Maddy